Seasons change


Fall is our transition from summer to winter, bringing warm days and cooler nights. As the season changes it is time to think about changing, not just our clothes but what we eat and drink. The colder temperatures invite us to move away from lighter, thirst quenching wines such as Albariño to medium bodied wines like Godello.

What do we mean when we talk about the wine’s body? How do we know whether a wine is light or heavy?  

Body refers to the way the wine feels in our mouth and we express that in terms of the shape and weight of a wine. A wine can be flabby or lean as well as light, medium or full bodied.  While there is no right or wrong way to enjoy wine, body awareness can help you get the best out of your wine experience by steering you towards the best wines for the season.

Here’s an article from VinePair for more indepth information and to help you figure out the body of your favorite wines.

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COMING SOON! D.O. Madrid Tour


Discover the West Sierras, a food and wine lover’s paradise less than an hour’s drive from Madrid. Tucked into these mountains, you’ll find exquisite organic wines and a proud gastronomy based on locally grown vegetables, cured meats and artisanal cheeses. It is a voyage into ancient Spanish history and culture that you must experience! Full day excursions will start at the end of September.

It’s harvest time!

Harvest grapes (2)

The hot, bright light of summer is fading to the amber rays of autumn. This is harvest time, the end of the growing season and the beginning of the winemaking process.

This fall brings with it lots of activities, new day trips to mountain vineyards, vermouth workshops and food and wine pairing events. We’ve also discovered a bounty of new wines along the way to taste and share.

We hope you can join us on our wine adventures!

Wine talk


One of the biggest challenges in wine culture is language. It seems getting to know wine requires learning a whole new way to talk.  The truth is, a lot of wine vocabulary is made up of words you are already know. While the words or phrases may be familiar, their meaning is often obscure. We, at Nicole Angela Travel & Taste, spend time decoding and demystifying this language for you so that wine is accessible and fun! Relax, read this excellent article and then join us for our Vermouth workshop this Sunday.

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La Hora del Vermut

vermouth and snacks

Vermouth isn’t just a fun way for older Spanish ladies to get tipsy, it is a health imperative! Vermouth goes back to 18th century Italy where it was first used to aid digestion. Aperitivo comes from the Latin word aperire which means to open. Vermouth is an aperitivo commonly enjoyed before a meal to stimulate your appetite.

This Sunday, 11 September we will be tasting three classic vermouths and learning to make a vermouth cocktail, at V. Manneken, a beautiful 19th century style cocktail bar in Malasana.

Come join us and get initiated into this fine Spanish tradition.

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