Everything’s coming up rosé


rose wine pourMost wine experts consider rosé to be the oldest known wine. Back in the day there was no way to conserve grapes. so they had a very short production process.  They were picked, pressed, stamped, lightly filtered and then stored within 1 to 3 days of harvest. Red grape skin contact is what gives wines their color and having had such a short period of contact meant ancient wine colors were lighter; more rosey than red.

Rosé wines come in all kinds of styles: still, semi-sparkling or sparkling and range from bone dry Provence roses to sweet Portuguese Mateus. Rosé draws its infamy from their strong association with the sweet pink stuff.  Lucky for us one doesn’t have to choose.  You can have it all, a rose that is dry yet fruity and also wonderfully refreshing.  Spanish rosados are that kinds of rosé.   

Spanish rosados are the perfect summer wine. They have a stunning range of color and flavor, they are exuberant and fun!. The most vibrant pinks tend to have big berry flavors (cherry, strawberry, raspberry) and the lighter ones tend to carry hints of melon and have floral notes like lavender. They can hold their own to the smokiness of barbeque or seafood classics like ceviche or mellow down with cheese and fruit.    

Spain produces a large and varied selection of rosé wines.  While D.O. Navarra is most famous, D.O.s Yecla, Utiel-Requena, Txakoli, Cigales and Tierra de Leon also carry a number of excellent rosés.  

It´s the height of summer now is your chance to get out there and see what these wines are all about.  Don´t be shy: play, experiment and get frisky!  Let Spanish rosé wines show you the way.

Come join us next week as we sample four delicious rosados at our first food/wine pairing event at Roll!  Space is limited, RSVP here.


Toast, Roll and Slow Mex: Monthly Wine and Food Pairing

food and wine pairing

We here at Nicole Angela Travel & Taste are exited,  thrilled and proud to announce our first restaurant partnership. Starting next Friday, 15 July we will be doing food/wine pairings at three of Madrid´s best loved neo-American restaurants.

Take your wine tasting to the next level by experiencing it with food!  

Join Nicole Angela Travel & Taste for a rotating monthly food and wine exploration in one of the three restaurants: Toast, Roll and Slow Mex.  These restaurants are part of a North American food revolution happening in Madrid, each showcases a distinct spin on “Neo-American and Mexican American” cuisine.  The tastings will feature Spanish wines in all of their glorious varieties and forms and pair them with delicious food from one of these fine restaurants.

The first one is Friday, 15 July at Roll. called Real People, Love Rosado we showcase some truly lovely Spanish rose and help you understand exactly why this is the best summer wine ever. 

I hope you can join us!  RSVP here.