Winter is a Time to Party!

Have the winter blues got you down?  Never fear!  In the next couple of weeks, things will be looking brighter with two upcoming winter celebrations.  Carnival and Valentine´s Day are just around the corner and they have much more in common than the proximity of their dates.

The Roman Catholic church created both Carnival and Valentine’s Day from a single pre-Roman winter festival.  Lupercalia was a Spring fertility ritual whose highlights included whipping women with bloody goat hides and community-wide partner swapping.    Carnival, in its celebration of unbridled passion, is much closer in spirit to the original festival of Lupercalia than Valentine´s Day. However, Valentine´s Day couches it´s passion and sex in the socially prescribed space of romantic relationships while Carnival allows participants to unapologetically go crazy. These celebrations are two sides of the same coin. However, what really brings them together is wine! Wine is a magic elixir that unleashes our pent up emotions to shake us out of our winter slump and prepare us for the joy and wildness of the coming Spring.
We will pay homage to Lupercalia with a celebration that combines the best of Carnival and Valentine’s Day.  Come join me on Saturday, 17 February at Opalo Gastropub as we chase away the winter blues with great wine, food, and fun!


Winter is a Time to Dream


To be aligned with the seasons is to do what the weather requires us to do in that moment.  Winter, in the north, is dark and cold it is a time to cuddle up by the fire and wrapped in a warm blanket dream your future or contemplate your past with a glass of wine.