Kalimotxo, also spelled calimocho, is a Basque wine and coca cola confection that has recently started getting a lot of attention.  You may have read about it in the New York Times or heard about it among hipsters.  Pepsi is now selling it as some sort of fancy beverage and Spaniards are hot about it.  

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and kalimotxo is no exception.  This drink is relatively new, having come to light in the summer of 1972. Before that kalimotxo was a drink found around Bilbao and was called a Rioja Libre because it mixed wine with coke instead of rum and coke like a Cuba Libre.  Rioja because it is a region famous for it’s red wine.  However, it´s origins go back even further to a group of Italian immigrants in the Basque country who mixed their chianti wine with coca cola so they could party all night without getting too drunk.  

In August of 1972 when the organizers of a summer festival in Algorta, a small town in northern Spain, discovered the wine they were going to sell tasted awful, they were desperate to find a way to cover that up.  Enter the Rioja Libre not known by that name but also popular with local teens as an easy and cheap party beverage. Among area teens it was known as a Kalimero. The organizers didn’t like that name so they fused it with the Basque ending motxo which means ugly to create the name kalimotxo.

As a true blue wine lover and no fan of coke I was highly suspicious of this concoction and even made fun of it, that is until I tried it.  It is surprisingly refreshing and can add the right the touch of sweet to an acidic or very young red wine.  And just like the Italians, I discovered it is the perfect drink for all night dance parties and festivals.  You don’t have to buy it from Pepsi, you probably already have the ingredients handy in your refrigerator.  However if you insist on something fancy  just add lemon or an orange slice.  Why not make a big bowl and serve it at your next party!  When you do be sure to play the famous Spanish drinking song Kalimotxo by Porterras.

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What other Spanish drinks do you know and love?




Cafe Di Vino

Malasaña, is one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in Madrid. Deep in the heart of this neighborhood lies Café di Vino a hidden gem of a wine shop.  Not only does it have a fabulous selection of older and newer wine from all over Spain, this store cum wine bar also specializes in coffee.  Café di Vino is your stop for an authentic Madrid experience with great wines, vermouths and coffees.  The owner Lourdes is a generous host and guide to all things coffee and wine. And it is one of your last chances to hobnob with some real neighborhood characters whilst gossiping over wine.  If you´re enamored with early Almodovar films and are a wine fan this is the place for you.

Wanna an excuse to check it out? Come join me this Saturday, 29 April for Spanish Wine 101: Beyond Ribera and Rioja tasting.  Space is limited, purchase tickets here.