Its Like That (And That´s The Way It Is)


Reality, how many ways do we dodge thee?  

Wine may be the one thing that saves us from living our life as if it were a virtual experience.  With phones and other portable electronic devices on hand, we are so busy sharing our experiences through multiple communication channels before we’ve even had a chance to absorb them.  With wine we have the opportunity to get back to the original multi-channel network of our body.  Wine requires us to sit with it, look at it, smell it and then savor it.  We must be present to experience the pleasure it provides.  With practice we learn to sift through our impressions to articulate a once in a lifetime moment, that first sip of a new wine.  

Run DMC´s classic cut “It´s Like That”  was the first thing that entered my mind as I was thinking about how I would describe tasting wine. The song beautifully advocates for developing a radical acceptance of life, an openess to learn from whatever it has to offer.  Wine is the same, it is not complicated, it simply requires a willingness to accept what is placed in front of you to find a way to savor and experience it.  When we approach wines from this relaxed and accepting place we open ourselves up to whatever that wine has to offer.  Life is no different, in order to experience it to the fullest we must be open to it no matter what it brings.

With Thanksgiving drawing close now´s the time to raise a glass to the beauty and bounty all around us and get into the true spirit of wine tasting by befriending and savoring our life and all that it has to offer us.