Halloween Pairing: Tarot & Wine

tarot wine

I love tarot and have since I was a twenty-something in Seattle. I lived in a sweet bungalow replete with a mini garden of Eden bursting with flowers and plants, just off lake Washington. We were a gaggle of offbeat young ladies who didn’t fit in anywhere.  If memory serves, it was RB who got me into tarot, that and the I Ching, unleashing a life long passion for beautiful visual renderings of the unknown.  Divination was our thing but we stayed for the clarity and insight the cards brought.  We wanted to capture what was in the air, what we had no words for and could just barely sense.  

My first deck was a Rider-Waite deck and in those early years I read all the time for anyone and everyone.  I knew I wasn’t predicting the future just teasing out the elements and unspoken influences that surrounded the person and their experiences.  The cards are beautiful, chock full of mythology, religion, history and mystery, their realm is the hidden depths of life.  Reading tarot is like having Halloween every day.  So when Halloween comes around there is no better way to celebrate than by pulling out a deck of cards and some wine to enjoy that one moment of the year when the veil is thin and the two realms of life and death fuse into one.  


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