Bar La Gloria

The top three reasons why I love Bar La Gloria.

Number one: I’ve personally never met a Gloria who wasn´t la gloria.  

I may be a little biased as it´s also my mother´s name.  This bar is named after and dedicated to the owner’s grandmother. It is her style that lends itself to the bar´s blend of old school decor with a minimalist, Scandinavian touch.  Generously decorated with black and white photos of Gloria la abuela, a gorgeous, outgoing woman. Bar La Gloria is a loving homage done with class, style and humor.

Number two: The bar has a wonderful mix of regional tapas not normally found in Madrid and a small but wide ranging selection of wines. The tapas, with a focus on the south,  all feature locally sourced ingredients from smaller producers.  Asturian Cachopo de cecina, a meat eater´s delight straight outta Oviedo, flamenquines from Córdoba, and remojón de naranja a delicious orange and salt cod salad from Andalucia just to name a few.  Accompanied by Galician beer, red wines from La Mancha and Extremadura or white wines from Galicia and Cadiz. If you want to get a nice slice of Spain Bar La Gloria is a great place to stop.

And number three: The people!  Nothing makes a space more inviting and more fun than the people. Come for the wide ranging home cooked Spanish comfort food, stay for the great wines, cocktails and wonderful atmosphere.

Intrigued? Come join me and Eat Out Madrid as we co-host Spanish Wine 101: Spain is Different, Saturday 20 May 19:30-21.  Purchase tickets here




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