Wine is for Stressful Times


Ten days into the Trump administration and away we go!  If this is any indication, it will be a real challenge to stay calm, cool and collected.  Dear winers what can we do?

Fear not! There is an easy way to find respite within with the maelstrom. By connecting and committing ourselves to things we already do in our daily lives. If you are reading this I know you have more than a passive interest in wine. Instead of gulping your wine in an effort to find momentary relief.  Allow that wine to be a respite from the chaos.  As we´ve learned from a Nicole Angela wine tasting experience, every glass of wine is an invitation to appreciate our world by honing in on what makes that wine so unique. In these difficult times, we must learn to find refuge and anchor ourselves within these moments of everyday life.

This lovely wine meditation is courtesy of Ms.Mindbody.  Her website is chock full of straight ahead advice for using meditation and yoga as a way to awaken and open up to life. Please note, this exercise can be done with a cup of tea or any beverage that you enjoy (so long as it is not soda).

Wine Meditation

Pour yourself a glass of wine in the nicest glass you have. You want this beverage to appeal to all your senses—a lovely glass not only looks nice, but will feel good in your hands.

Carry your glass of wine to a quiet, comfortable spot to sit and take a good seat—both feet flat on the floor, spine tall, chest open.

Take and look at it.  What colors do you see and what do those colors remind you of?  Think of the many people who had a hand in creating that wine, the growers who cultivate the grapes and the workers who picked them, the sun and soil for nourishing the grapevines, the trees that provided the barrel and cork. Acknowledge and thank them for their hand in providing you this delicious beverage. Now lift the glass and inhale. What do you smell? Strawberry bubble gum with a chalky aftertaste, green apple with a dash of lavender or ripe cherries with a hint of dark chocolate and pepper?

Take a sip and let the wine coat your tongue . What do you taste?  Close your eyes and really focus on the flavors. What is happening in your body? Take at least one full inhale and exhale before you swallow.

Once that first sip is down, notice, what has changed in your body?

Repeat until the glass is done. Start with a small pour—the idea is to make the meditation so appealing that you actually do it and then feel accomplished. If you lose focus half-way through a big glass of wine, that kills some of the purpose.  

Now more than ever, we need rituals that ground us in the reality of our daily lives, to reminds us that the beauty and simplicity of life rests in these small moments of pleasure.

If you’re in Madrid come join me for some rowdy mid-winter hijinks at Not Your Mama´s Valentine’s Tasting where we will celebrate this snoozefest of a holiday the pagan way with big fun and lots of wine.  Friday, 10 February 20:30-22 @ Savia Bruta Floral Taller.


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